August 9, 2014

About Us

William’s Wharf Oyster Company is owned by Robin Eley and operated by Billy Hooper, a long time resident and commercial fisherman. Robin’s family first moved to the property in 1974, and she grew up on the land where the oyster farm currently sits. One warm Virginia summer, Robin brought Billy to visit her family’s property. The pair were just teens then, and had no idea that they’d end up back at William’s Wharf as adults.

In 2016, Robin and Billy were enjoying a glass of wine and a crisp view of the bay from their dock admiring the 20,000 plus wild oysters peppering the area. The two were reflecting on the future of the estate, and how they could keep the land in the family for generations to come. Billy, who had been a commercial fisherman in his 20’s, and who regularly harvested oysters on his own between the ages of 11-18, suggested that they turn a portion of their land into an oyster farm.

Since that day, Billy and Robin along with their friends and family have been focused on cultivating and distributing incredibly fresh and delicious oysters to restaurants and oyster bars all over the United States and even parts of Europe.

William’s Wharf is the ideal habitat for cultivating oysters that have a unique taste and an unbeatable freshness and for over 200 years, William’s Wharf has been home to several oyster farms. With a focus on traditional oyster farming, William’s Wharf Oyster Company hopes to continue producing the best tasting oysters in the world for generations to come.


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