Are Oysters Good for You?

The answer? A resounding YES! Oysters are good for you, but they can help out in more ways than just your health. In addition to being low in cholesterol and a great source of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, oysters have many beneficial properties.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you probably never knew about these delicious bivalves. Some of them may even surprise you. Who knew oysters could be so useful?

1: Farmed oysters are actually better than wild caught oysters. 

There a several benefits to the oyster farming industry. Oysters that are farmed are more likely to feed on particles and other matter that often pollutes waterways. Unlike fish-farming, where there is a large chance that invasive species will be introduced into the environment, farmed oysters are usually sterile, preventing them from mixing with the wild population. So next time you’re shopping or dining, make sure to purchase farm raised oysters.

2: You can eat oysters in months without an “R”. 

Ahhh, the infamous “R” month controversy. This has been floating around ever since the ancient Roman’s first harvested oysters. This has to do with the spawning season of the oysters, during which they loose a most of their meat and become relatively flavorless. This still happens today with most oysters, but at William’s Wharf our oysters are sterile, meaning they wont lose their meat at any point throughout the year.

3: Oysters help your garden, too! 

Oyster shells contain a high amount of calcium, which is really good for the soil in your garden. Calcium stabilizes the PH balance of your soil, and in turn produces healthier, vibrant plants. You can purchase bags of crushed oyster shells, or you can make your own with the leftovers from your next oyster dinner!

5: Oysters help keep erosion in check. 

Oysters are natural deterrents of soil erosion: one of the deadliest threats facing our environment. Reefs containing oysters filter out bacteria, sediment and even oil from oil spills. This in makes reefs a better home to snails, crabs, shrimp and clams. The improves cleanliness of the water encourages the growth of sea grass, which make an excellent habitat for fish!

Oysters are a not only delicious on the half shell, but they are an integral part of the marine life habitat. This is why William’s Wharf Oyster Co. does everything they can to protect the wild oyster growth, while cultivating our world-renowned oysters.


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