Beverage Pairing Suggestions from WWOC

Oyster Distributors - Oyster Tasting Pairings - What Beer Goes with Oysters - What Wine Should I Drink with OystersAt William’s Wharf, we believe that nothing beats our oysters on the half shell and a cold brew or glass of wine in your hand. And while all beer is delicious, it can be difficult to figure out which ones pair the best with our sweet and salty oysters. We put together a great list of some of our favorite pairings so that you can enjoy your William’s Wharf Oysters to the fullest this summer.

Our first suggestion, a hearty stout provides medium-bodied sweetness to counter the over saltiness of oysters with a salt content of 21 or higher. However, with more delicate oyster variations that are in the 15-19 PPM range, sip a mellower porter to avoid over-powering the oyster’s flavor.

If you’re planning on garnishing your oysters with horseradish or cocktail sauce, then a hoppy IPA is your best bet. High hop bitterness can also cut through the oily flavors of fried oysters and properly cleanse the palate. But stay away from the west coast IPAs for this, look more to the drier East Coast versions. Some of our favorites for example Dogfish Head, or Goose Island taste great with Williams Wharf Oysters that have been topped with a little cocktail sauce.

With Petites and other low salt oysters below 17 PPM you still want some hoppiness – but you also want higher Oyster Pairing Drinks - Best Beer for Oysters - Oyster Distributors in Virginia - Chesapeake Bay Oysters - Williams Wharf, VAcarbonation which is why a pilsner is the best option. This elevates the flavor with a crisp, refreshing bite. A West Coast Lager, like Longboards, will also accomplish the same thing in this sense. Stay away from fruity beers though, or even a weissen.

Wine and seafood go together like… well, wine and seafood! So Ideally, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Champagne, or Muscadet will do the best with petite oysters. Everyone tends to find the acidity of crisp, dry whites a perfect pairing with small oysters so that they don’t overpower their flavor. If you’re not a wine drinker, though… something light and refreshing like Miller High Life will also have the same effect. Its mild acidity and gentle bite will also work well without overpowering the average palette.

So, there you have it! A list of our favorite pairing suggestions to help you enjoy your William’s Wharf Oysters the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed – paired with a delicious beverage that brings out their delicate and unforgettable flavor. If you haven’t tried William’s Wharf Oysters, you’re really missing out! For a list of restaurants and bars that offer our oysters click here. And if you’re the owner of a restaurant or bar and you want to sell the oysters’ customers ask for by name, contact us today!


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