July 14, 2017

Our Oysters

Our Delicious Oysters: 

The average human palate prefers an oyster that is in the middle between sweet and salty. This is approximately 18-23 PPT salinity. Our East River Rocks and Magnums are excellent house oysters. Women prefer the Deep Sweets with a shorter but deeper cup. This oyster has just as much volume as the longer oysters, but is more condensed for easier consumption on the half shell. We would be happy to come by and conduct a tasting and pairing session with you.

East River Rocks
PPT Avg 18

Premium half-shell oyster, deep cup and great meat consistency. Good clean shell, with homogeneous shape and color; 3”-3 ½” in overall length.
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: Traditional Stouts like Guinness. If using tangy garnishes, try an East Coast IPA

Mobjack Magnums
PPT Avg 23-25

Large half-shell premium oyster with dense meat and a saltier merroir. Excellent cleanliness and no grit, diverse color and overall length of 3 ½” to 5.”
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: Heavier Stout IPA’s like O’Connor’s Great Dismal Stout. This oyster has a lot of body and flavor; a true Chesapeake Bay original.

Deep Sweets
PPT Avg 14

Deep and Meaty. A higher end premium half-shell oyster offering a sweet, salty and almost buttery delicacy. These are for those wishing to not be overwhelmed with meat and enjoy the richness of a good oyster. Usually 21/2”-3” with a very deep cup and simply elliptical shape. A favorite among women.
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: Pairs well with dry white wine or Champagne. On a hot afternoon, try a traditional American lager like Rolling Rock or Michelob Ultra. Summer cider or shandy also pairs nicely.

Lynnhaven Fancies
PPT Avg 28-30

A 3″ to 3 1/2″ oyster. Thesee have a saltier, hearty taste with full bodied richness. Men tend to prefer these oysters
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: Pairs well with a Stout beer or Full bodied red wine such as a Merlot or Cabernet. 

Wolftrap Seasonals
PPT Avg. 22-24

An excellent seasonal oyster with a consistent rich taste. This oyster is above average on the salty side with a slight hint of sweetness and can be served on the half shell or used for Grilling, Roasting & Oysters Rockefeller etc.
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: These oysters can be paired with wine or beer depending on how they are served.

PPT Avg. 18

This high-end half-shell oyster is slightly sweeter than our Cedar Grove Deep Sweet. It ranges from 2″ to 2 1/2″ in length.
Beer/Wine Pairing Suggestions: Our petites pair well with the acidity in a crisp, white wine like Pinot Grigio or Savignon Blanc. Light, refreshing beers like Miller High Life give a similar effect and will not overpower the oyster.

PPT Avg. 26-28

These oysters have a deeper cut and are more uniform in shape and size. They range from 5″ to over 7″ in length. They are best served on the half shell – a rare delicacy.

PPT Avg 26-28

Sizing from nearly 5” to over 7” in length, this oyster is large and meaty but with enough sweetness to ease the pallet. These oysters are perfect for roasting & Oysters Rockefeller.

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Why are they so good?

The environmental conditions of William’s Wharf are perfect for cultivating some of the best tasting oysters in the world. Situated on the east river of the Mobjack Bay, William’s Wharf is the melting pot of the North, East, and Ware rivers. We also get the freshwater effluent from the Piankatank, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers just north of us, reducing the salinity of the oysters at William’s Wharf and creating a delicate and unique symphony of sweet and salty tastes.

Because our oysters are grown on clean white sand, away from the silt of the brackish water, they can be enjoyed naked (or without sauce) on the half shell. It is their enticing complexity of taste that makes them an absolute joy to eat. Our oysters were cultivated by Virginia Institute of Marine Science in conjunction with The College of William & Mary to be disease resistant, because of this, they are able to be harvested 12 months out of the year, allowing us to deliver fresh oysters all year round.

All of our oysters are harvested and grated by hand, because at William’s Wharf Oyster Company, we believe in quality and tradition. We only harvest oysters grown by us, so the William’s Wharf oyster population remains thriving, and each of our oysters are able to filter 70 gallons of water a day without introducing any unnatural influences into the wild.

If you’ve never tried a William’s Wharf oyster, you have no idea what you’re missing. There is only one place that can provide the perfect mixture of freshwater and saline, leading generations to harvest the oysters of William’s Wharf for over 200 years. We want to continue that tradition, because the world deserves great oysters.

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