Recipe Feature: Half-Shell Magic [STAFF PICK]

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It is time for something truly special! Meet Half-Shell Magic – a Staff Pick recipe from Billy Hooper, the founder of Williams Wharf Oyster Company. Billy promises that it’s a recipe you will fall on love with!

Preferred presentation for a virgin raw oyster eater

Prep needs:
Chilled whole oysters
Bowl with ice water in it
Stick of raw natural horseradish
Hand grater
Sliced lemon wedges
Tobacco sauce
Fresh cocktail sauce

Open chilled oyster cutting top muscle only
With thumb on oyster, quick dip into the ice water
Now cut the bottom adductor muscle

Place In order on oyster body:
Two drops lemon juice
Two drops tobacco
1/4 teaspoon Cocktail spread lightly on surface
Two drops of lemon juice

Place bill of oyster in front of mouth and tip up the heel allowing the juice and oyster both to flow smoothly into mouth



You will need fresh high quality oysters for this recipe. We know just the place to order them from!

Thank you Billy for such an amazing recipe! We will be posting even more Staff Pick recipes going forward, so definitely stay tuned for the best of the oyster recipes!

If you know a recipe that you think we’ll love – feel free to send it to us! We will post it on our website and social media.


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